Preliminary Agenda

Main items of the workshop

Rethinking Relational Values and Nature: Implications for Science and Policy

The workshop is to be held from  May 30 to June1,  2016
3 days

Main items of the workshop

  1. Setting the stage: Diagnosis of debate on values (instrumental vs. intrinsic, etc.) across disciplines and translation into ecosystem assessments (MA, UKNEA, TEEB, MAES, SGAs, IPBES, etc) and policy tools (CBA, MCA, etc). Identifying some key gaps in the valuation debate.
  2. Introducing the idea of relational values: theoretical developments of the concept, including history, connection to different disciplines, motivations, examples, case studies
  3. Relational values as bridging values: Are RVs a 3rd type of values (distinct from instrumental and intrinsic) or/and way to bridge instrumental and intrinsic values?
  4. Development of a conceptual framework of relational values
  5. Implication for IPBES and beyond.

Day 1: May 30

Day 2: May 31

Day 3: June 1

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